What is Passive Income?

What is Passive Income?

Passive income means you still have to work, but you work “smarter not harder”

Setting up business entities that enable you to create wealth and live for today rather than grasping at some distant future of  a paradise retirement that may never come, meanwhile your youth is slipping away.

One of my goals for many years has been to create passive income streams that allow me to give up my day job, and live life!

I want to be totally location independent. 

I have spent thousands of hours online researching and learning different ways people have created flowing streams of passive income.

My generation may be the last that remembers the days of cubicles and paper files, and way too many office parties. Gone are the days that we must be chained to a 9 to 5  working for someone or something that makes us truly sick.

It is completely within reach, and quite popular, to be location independent, working less hours a week and enjoying lifestyle of true freedom.

 Generating passive income from niche blogs

Monetizing the blog is easier than it appears. With so many people deciding to change careers  blogging has become more of just a hobby to some.

Developers are finding ways to make it as easy as possible for bloggers and digital media marketers to produce high quality creative content at lightning speeds.

A great way to get started with a blog, and online marketing, is to start reviewing the products that you love and use everyday. You already tell your friends about it on social media anyway, so put those comments, into a blog!

Turning your passions and hobbies into income

, is now a common practice. If you are complaining every Monday night “oh man, another week of this” and you are not turning your hobbies to income, you are just holding yourself back, wallowing in the 9 to 5 drudge. Rushing to get the kids to school and get to work without peanut butter on my elbow, is no longer even in my vocabulary. I don’t rush. Its wonderful.

So start your googles, pick a few passive income streams that interest you, then go for it! You are the only one that can change that Monday morning. Once you do your heart will swoon and you will love going to “work” especially when you can go where and when you want.

I am doing it as we speak.

Start today by doing one thing for one hour that you truly love. Don’t let anyone or anything take this one hour away. Doing this just a few times a week, will start to manifest a self fulfilling happiness that will allow you to focus on whichever path you choose to free your life!

Virtuallyou Consulting started as a virtual assistant, but has grown into a flourishing digital marketing business that brings me true joy. Are you exploring the ideas of ditching the day job? Or maybe you are a retiree or stay at home mom that would like an enjoyable outlet for creativity, that may also bring in some extra income?

Blogging, digital marketing, social media management, marketing, product reviews, podcasts; I will be looking at these options, creating some of them and sharing with you as I go, so that you too, can create and attract the ultimate reality that you have always wanted.

#FreeYourLife 💎💎💎


Career Change

One evening I had a thought…


That thought made me get really happy, so I kept thinking about it. Every second that I allowed myself to think about it, was like a little dust ball collecting more pieces until my little microscopic thought was now a spinning, spiraling dream, collecting and attracting similar thoughts to it; gaining momentum exciting and delighting me each time I allowed myself to have those thoughts! What did I want? How could I get there? What was stopping me?

What a wonderful liberating experience I was having. Creating something that I really really wanted, but wasn’t even sure, what exactly that was or how to get there.

All I knew was it made me really, really happy to think about, so I allowed myself to keep thinking about it. Knowing, that by all means necessary,

I was going to be HAPPY!

I was going to do what I wanted with my time. What if I could be location independent and live where we wanted, when we wanted?

What if I could spend more quality time with my daughter doing the things we love?

How was I going to do that?

I was already working a lucrative job as a researcher in a “work from home” position,  but I was still working for someone else, spending my days, for someone else, and stressing myself, for someone else!

So I had to start utilizing my skills in other areas.

I had to change things if I was not truly happy with where I was.

My journey to create a better lifestyle for myself and my daughter, has so far been truly amazing.

I knew I had to start with me. I knew from previous experience that I had to do things to allow myself to be creative and productive, so I started searching, and reading, and learning.

Virtuallyou Consulting has been expanding since Feb 2016.


My little dustball keeps gathering particles and has formed itself into a lovely little project, that I adore. Come with me as I learn and grow my business and share with you ways I have found to be happy and successful in my own life.

What is your idea of happiness?  How do you attain that goal?

Thanks for reading.